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The basis of any planning effort lies on a foundation of community involvement and in-depth study of the demographic, social, and economic conditions within a place. Hardin County's Comprehensive Development Guide will rely on community stakeholders, businesses, elected officials, and those living and working within the county to help direct the community's future vision. 

The information below summarizes what the planning team has found during their initial analysis of existing conditions, as well as, input and feedback from the plan's steering committee and the public. These will be updated as the plan progresses.


Steering Committee #2

The project team led the second steering committee meeting on October 26, 2022 at the Hardin County Government Office building. The main agenda item for the meeting was to review the draft goals and objectives for the plan. Please follow the link below for a summary of the Steering Committee meeting.

Demographic Analysis

Who lives in Hardin County?

Hardin County is home to thousands of people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Crafting a plan for the community begins with a basic understanding of who lives in Hardin County and what their needs are in the future.

Hardin County Existing Conditions

Hardin County Fair_Kentucky Living.jpg
automotive plant_Nataliya Hora.jpg

Market Analysis

Who is employed in Hardin County?

Economic conditions are a crucial part of planning a communities future. Understanding the types of industries employing residents and attracting workers from outside the community can help community leaders align economic development efforts.

Hardin County Existing Conditions

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